Our resources used by various tinplaters in OGR forum
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Author:  paulrace [ Sun Jul 27, 2014 3:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Our resources used by various tinplaters in OGR forum

An alert reader sent us a link that includes some paper and cardboard buildings made by tinplate modelers using our graphics - exactly what they were meant for.

The link is here: ... 2452200966


The round storefront started out as the front of one of our candy box houses from this article: ... fronts.htm

Here's the original graphic: Image

OGR forum member "Electroliner" put different stuff in the windows and added new signage, but it all looks like it belongs. Great job!

Author:  paulrace [ Sun Jul 27, 2014 3:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Our resources used by various tinplaters in OGR forum

Here's a photo that includes several of our projects from the same link ( ... 2452200966)


The graphics for the little station are here: ... tation.htm

The graphics for the switch tower are here: ... _tower.htm

The graphics for the water tower are on this page - scroll down for the alternate graphics. ... _tower.htm

He definitely printed the water tower graphics a couple times to get enough to make a really big on.

In the back of the photo, there is a grain elevator which uses windows and doors from our Tinplate Textures page: ... xtures.htm

If you visit the OGRs forum page, you'll see better photos of that: ... 2452200966

In a couple cases where we didn't include 1:32 graphics, it looks like the hobbyists were able to blow the 1:48 or 1:64 graphics up enough to make them work.

If folks let me know that they want a larger version of any graphic, I'll try to supply it, so you have the best quality.

- Paul

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