Replacing JUST the engine?
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Author:  paulrace [ Wed Sep 24, 2014 11:28 am ]
Post subject:  Replacing JUST the engine?

A reader writes:

I purchased a Hawthorne Village Collectible Train several years ago. I had
never taken it out ot the boxes until several days ago. I gave the Train to a VERY
SPECIAL LITTLE BOY. I could not find the engine to the train. I must have misplaced

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Thank you for getting in touch. The good news
is that Hawthorne Village is still making some of these trains and you can order JUST the engine by
"subscribing" to a collection, then cancelling your subscription as soon as the engine comes. (Don't tell them I told you that).

Do you remember which collection you had? The ones with the steam locomotives almost all
use the same locomotive with different paint and detailing. So even if they don't have
the same train any more, you can "shop" for one that would look good with the set.

As an alternative, most of these trains were made by Bachmann, one of the world's largest
model train manufacturers. The steam locomotive that most of them use is the On30 Mogul
(2-6-0) style engine. To give you some idea, a few are listed here: ... FQMBP6DSQJ

Please let me know how things work out - Paul

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